How can you end anxiety before it ends you?

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We all will experience anxiety in our lives, that’s unavoidable. However, how severe it will be and how long it will last totally depends on how you deal with it.

I personally suffered with anxiety for 20 years. It was suffocating. I’d be panicked, sweating, unable to think. At times I worried I was dying. I felt so unsure of myself, conflict crippled me, social situations felt unbearable, and I procrastinated on any tough decisions because I was paralyzed with doubt.

Today I can confidently say that I have not experienced severe anxiety for over a decade. Although going through naturopathic medical school and starting my own business were chocked full of stress and anxious moments, it did not hijack my life any more!

Ending anxiety

Here are some Quick Fixes and Major Renovations. These solutions have worked for me, for my patients and they will work for you too! But only if you apply them.

Quick Fixes:

– Stop being anxious about anxiety. We all experience anxiety. Feeling bad about our anxiety feeds the spiral of anxiety. Forgive yourself. You are not unique or alone. Most importantly ‘know’ your anxiety can and will end!

– Breathe. When you’re in a high anxiety or panic state, don’t you love hearing this advice? But your breath is key. The trick is to breath slow and more rhythmically. Take 6 breaths per minute and breath quietly. Need help? Download the Breathe Sync™ App on your smart phone.

– Take GABA 100 – 400 mg per day as needed. It is fast-acting! You’ll feel it working within 15 minutes.

Major Renovations:

– Heal your gut. Much anxiety is caused by poor digestion. Even if you do not have any obvious symptoms. Repair your gut by removing food sensitivities, and adding in ginger and big doses of probiotics daily. It’s complicated to explain precisely, that’s why I am hosting health talks every Thursday in April as a gift to you.

– Eat 3 or more grams of omega-3 fatty acids daily. These healthy fats help wire the brain and reduce inflammation. They can take up to a month to have a beneficial effect so be patient.

– Face what needs to change in your life! Change is scary and it can be hard. Otherwise, we would all do it more often. Anxiety often has its root at things in your life that need to change, but we are too scared or unaware of them.

Yours in health,
Dr. Patrick Callas, ND

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