Hormone Health: Beyond Sex Hormones

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What are hormones?

Hormones are powerful messengers in our bodies. A very small amount of any hormone has a large effect on the body. Therefore, too little or too much of any hormone can make a huge difference on how we feel and what symptoms we experience.

Hormones all play together in a symphony in our body. You are healthiest and most vital when all of your hormones are playing in harmony.

When I use the word “hormones” most people’s mind go to the sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Sex hormones are important for puberty, libido, pregnancy and much more; however, they are only a few players in the hormonal orchestra of your body.


What do hormones do in your body?

Hormones rule everyday things like blood sugar levels, stress response, blood pressure, sleep cycles, and pain response. For instance, a drop in your insulin levels will rapidly cause blood sugar crashes, which may appear as any of these symptoms: shakiness, anxiety, fast heartbeat, sweating, chills, irritability, confusion, lightheadedness, hunger and nausea.

Many hormones decline as we age and imbalances become more common, but there are natural ways to promote increased levels in your body.


How do I stimulate my hormones naturally?

There are powerful and natural ways to stimulate your hormones to feel more relaxed, boost your energy, sleep well, lose weight, and build muscle. Just like musicians in a band or orchestra, hormones need to follow the beat – that is stay in a regular rhythm for us to be at our best. Irregular or disrupted sleep has a big negative impact on our hormones. Irregular mealtimes or meal habits have a negative impact on our hormones. Constant or high stress also – you guessed it – impacts our hormones.

The solutions to balancing these hormones and achieving optimal health at any age begin with regular sleep patterns, better quality sleep, regular mealtimes, more nutritious foods, lower stress, and more relaxation.


Do you know about Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone (hGH) is only commonly known amongst athletes and hormone specialists. hGH keeps us young and builds muscle. The most potent way to stimulate human growth hormone in your body is to exercise big muscles and get good sleep.

There is so much more to learn about your hormones and how to live a more vital life. So…


Do you want to learn more about hormones and your body?

Come on a journey with me and Amber Wood, LAc. We will be leading a weekly workshop called Gut, Brain and Hormone Health: An Eight Week Journey. In it you will learn in-depth info on your hormones, and how environment and nutrition are involved. The journey begins September 22nd and ends November 17th.

For more information about the Gut, Brain and Hormone Health workshop, your Hormonal health or any other health questions, call me at 250-537-0035, write me at [email protected] or message me on FaceBook page DrPatrickCallas.

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