5 Easy Ways to Balance Your Blood Sugars

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Are you on the blood sugar rollercoaster? Can’t wait until your next snack or coffee? Getting hangry between meals? (Hungry + angry, or at least frustrated easily.)

Here are 4 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Control Your Blood Sugar Levels:

  1. Eat 1 tsp True Cinnamon daily on your food or in drinks. Harmonic Arts is a great supplier of True Cinnamon. Cheap & irradiated brands won’t cut it
  2. Take 400 micrograms of chromium supplement daily. When this amount of chromium is added to a carbohydrate-rich meal your blood sugar response is reduced by 23%!
  3. Eliminate all refined sugars and flours from your diet. You don’t need them. If it is your racial heritage, you may be white & refined; however, you food should never be. Removing them will improve your energy, mood, and digestion.
  4. Eat healthy protein, fats or fibre with every meal. These all slow the release of sugars into your body and help balance out our energy levels — and they do so much more!
    Easy and quick sources for these include protein powder in your smoothies, small cuts of lean meat, nuts & seeds (but limit or avoid peanuts, which are actually a legume), and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. A great tip is to cut up veggies, put them in a container and keep them in your fridge for easy access. For carrots and celery keep them crisp by storing them in a water. Change the water every 2-3 days.
  5. If you still can’t kick the sugar cravings, then take Gymnema whenever you have a craving. Let’s admit it. We all get sugar cravings now and again (or often for some of us). That’s normal. However, indulging that craving every time and eating sweets is just going to keep you on the blood sugar roller coaster. And it’s a ride that ends in fatigue, diabetes and other illnesses. Here you thought the dizziness and nausea after an actual roller coast ride was bad?
    Gymnema is a little known and underused herb that both blunts our sweet taste buds for a while and helps balance our blood sugar levels when taken regularly. When you remove the reward of a sweet taste from your favourite sweet foods, you will soon learn to stop eating them. Instead of a taste reward from eating sweets, you will develop a taste aversion.
    Gymnema is available in a tincture from Harmonic Arts. You can order directly online from Harmonic Arts, or carry by it at select stores such as my clinic, Island Natural Health, or at Salt Spring Nature Works.


To learn more about balancing your blood sugars or to test your blood sugar levels, contact your friendly, local neighbourhood Naturopathic Doctor.


Yours in health,
Dr. Patrick Callas

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